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le jeudi 14 avril à 11:00

Jacob Moorad (Institute of Evolutionary Biology / University of Edinburgh)

Social interactions and the evolution of senescence

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le jeudi 07 avril à 11:00

Elise Billoir (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Environnements Continentaux UMR 7360 CNRS - Université de Lorraine)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Bioindication tools for ecological assessment of French wadeable streams quality
To meet the Water Framework Directive requirements, a new multimetric index (I2M2) has been designed for the invertebrate-based ecological assessment of French wadeable streams. Integrating five taxonomy- and trait-based metrics selected for their high discrimination efficiency, low pressure specificity, high stability in least impaired conditions and low redundancy, this index is meant to identify impaired (...)

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le jeudi 21 avril à 11:00

Charlotte Prieu (MNHN - Paris)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Selection and constraints in the evolution of shape - the example of pollen in flowering plants
Multicellular organisms are morphologically very diverse at every scale, regarding size, color, and shape of individuals and of their different parts. Natural selection and developmental constraints influence evolution of these characteristics, on the short term as well as on the long term. The model chosen here to study form evolution is the pollen grain of flowering plants, which is much (...)

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le mardi 26 avril à 12:45

Séminaire interne

amphithéâtre Déambulatoire 1 (La Doua).

Ecologie et Evolution des Populations / Biostatistiques Santé

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