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  • Research and teaching

    The main aim of my work is to contribute to the understanding of population dynamics by unravelling the interactions between the individual, population and evolutionary process. In this work I combine theoretical work (modelling) with experiments in the laboratory and natural conditions. My main model system is the interaction between parasitoids and their hosts but, in collaboration with colleagues in France an abroad I have studied spiders, ants and birds (brood parasites).

    An emeritus research professor since September 2009, I devote an important part of my efforts to the collaboration with latino-american colleagues (namely but not exclusively from Argentina and Chile) both in research projects (PICS- CNRS) and in teaching (PREFALC project with Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brasil). Other collaborations involve British, German, Czech, Spanish, and of course, French, colleagues.

    As part of my collaboration with foreign colleagues I’m currently co-supervising 2 Ph. D. projects with colleagues in Spain and Argentina. These students will be granted a double doctorate one from the Université Claude Bernard- Lyon 1 and the other, from the foreign university.