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Equipe Le Cocon

Le Cocon is both a research team on modeling and analysing multiscale evolution and a think tank on the responsibilities of research and researchers in the anthropocene era. Our work on multiscale evolution attempts to analyze the links between many levels ---nucleotides, transposable elements, genes, chromosomes, genomes, microbiomes, organisms, populations, species, geography---.

We lead the projects Sthoriz (ANR, 2018), Convergenomics (ANR, 2015), Evoluthon (ANR, 2019), Community Garden Book (Inria, 2019) and participate to the science shop (UdL), ethics platform (UdL), Labo1.5, open science committee, Université Populaire de Lyon, Sciences Citoyennes.

We teach at University of Lyon, University Lyon 1, INSA, Inria, we organize bioinformatics internships and have an outreach activity at the Fête de la Science, in the public transportation system, Université Populaire and general public journals.


Responsable : Boussau Bastien CR CNRS