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le jeudi 08 juin à 12:45

Séminaire interne

amphithéâtre 7 - bâtiment THÉMIS (La Doua).

Équipes Ecoépidémiologie Evolutionniste & Epigénétique et Formation du Zygote

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le jeudi 22 juin à 11:00

Sydney A. Cameron (Department of Entomology and Program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation University of Illinois)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Testing the invasive pathogen hypothesis of rapidly declining bumble bee populations in North America
Bumble bees are one of our most important wild pollinators, and populations are declining globally. Causes of decline appear to vary geographically. In Europe, for example, the proposed drivers are climate change, loss of floral resources and pesticides. In North America, however, a widely accepted hypothesis suggested that contact with an exotic European strain of fungal pathogen, Nosema (...)

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