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le jeudi 28 mars à 13:00

Tristan Mary Huard (INRA-Moulon)

Some contributions to the estimation of genetic distances between populations
We consider the problem where one wants to evaluate the level of divergence between K
populations. Each population is characterized by its allelic frequency prole, where allelic fre-
quencies are assumed to be estimated from a sample at several (typically thousands/millions
of) markers. In this context the FST is a widely used criterion for the quantication of the
divergence between two populations, that can (...)

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le jeudi 14 mars à 13:00

François Gueyffier, LBBE

Salle de formation du PRABI

Les prescriptions médicamenteuses mortelles : le LBBE est-il concerné ?

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le jeudi 07 mars à 13:00

Séminaire Gabriel Marais (LBBE)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Expérimentations sur le bien-être au travail au LBBE

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