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I’m currently a postdoc at the LBBE laboratory in Lyon, under the co-supervision of Franck Picard and Laurent Duret. In this project, we aim at understanding the evolutionary history of replication origins. We notably want to understand the role of G-quadruplex motifs, in the firing of the replication process.

My full CV can be found here.

  • PhD

    I did my PhD (2012-2015) at the MaIAGE unit (INRA jouy en Josas) under the co-supervision of Sophie Schbath (Research Director and Head of the MaIAGE unit) and Peter Arndt (PI at the Max planck institute for molecular genetics in Berlin).

    During my PhD, I worked on statistical properties of eucaryotic genomes. The goal of my work was to understand the biological mechanism (notably segmental duplications) that induce these properties, and to produce neutral model of evolution that would exhibit the same properties.
    My PhD thesis can be downloaded here.