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le jeudi 28 octobre à 11:00

Séminaire annulé

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le jeudi 21 octobre à 12:00

Mr Aurélien BELOT

Faculté de Medecine Lyon Sud, Salles des thèse

Analyse statistique des risques concurrents

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le jeudi 14 octobre à 11:00

Guillaume Filion (postdoc, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Systematic protein-genome interaction maps reveal 5 chromatin types in Drosophila.
The local protein composition of chromatin controls important processes
such as transcription, replication and DNA repair, yet the diversity of
chromatin and its distribution along chromosomes is still poorly
Using DamID in Drosophila Kc cells, we generated high-resolution
genome-wide binding maps of 53 chromatin proteins from a wide range of
functional categories. For most of those (...)

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le mercredi 06 octobre à 13:30

Jean Clobert (Station d’Ecologie Experimentale du CNRS à Moulis)

Salle de réunion du haut

The evolution of an informed based dispersal

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le jeudi 07 octobre à 10:30

Mikko Mönkkönen (Department of Biological and Environmental Science,Unversité de Jyväskylä, Finlande)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Information use, habitat selection and breeding performance in a
landscape of fear

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le mercredi 13 octobre à 14:00

SEMOVI - R. Golstein

Amphi CNRS

"Stirring Tails of Evolution"
One of the most fundamental issues in biology is the nature of evolutionary transitions from single cell organisms to multicellular ones. Not surprisingly for microscopic life in a fluid environment, many of the processes involved are related to transport and locomotion, for efficient exchange of chemical species with the environment is one of the most basic features of life. This is particularly so in the case of flagellated eukaryotes such as green algae, (...)

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