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Philippe Veber
Ingénieur de recherche - CNRS
courriel :
tél : +33(0)4 26 23 44 70
"Biométrie et Biologie Évolutive"
UCB Lyon 1  - Bât. Grégor Mendel
43 bd du 11 novembre 1918
69622 VILLEURBANNE cedex
Bâtiment : Mendel 2ème étage Bureau : 204

  • Research activities

    My research interests are on the construction of genome-wide genetic regulatory networks, and especially on how (non-coding) genomic sequences direct transcriptional responses. I am therefore particularly involved in the modeling of molecular networks and in next-gen sequencing techniques, as a means to gather sufficient data for developing predictive models of transcription.

    On the methodological side, I am mainly interested in combinatorial optimization, either with mathematical programming methods (linear or Lagrangian relasation) or using SAT and Answer Set Programming solvers. More recently I started working on parameter inference for dynamical systems, mainly ODEs.

    More information and preprints can be found on my personal webpage.

    Current projects:
    - participation to the MetaGenoReg project, with Daniel Kahn and Matteo Brilli, aiming at building an ODE model of the central carbon metabolism in E. coli.
    - web application for the estimation of Species Sensitivity Distribution (SSD) with Sandrine Charles and Marie-Laure Delignette-Muller.
    - nextgen sequencing data analysis as a member of the PRABI.