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New people, new papers....

January 2018

Gabriel Wallau from Oswaldo Cruz Institut in Recife is staying with us for one month as visiting Professor !

Victor is coming back from Barcelona and will stay until April

September 2017

Vincent arrives for a PhD project on D. suzukii ! Welcome

October 2016

New paper tooll !!! TEtools is on line in NAR

October 2016

We are happy to have Justine, Angelo and Pierre. Justine will work on the Exhyb project and Pierre and Angelo on the Rovaltain project. Welcome !

March 2016

Several new students are arriving ! Corentin and Cécile are just arriving at the end of March ! Welcome

Valéria just published her new paper in GBE Drosophila Females Undergo Genome Expansion after Interspecific Hybridization
February 2016

Welcome Marlène !
Marlène is a new PhD student co-supervised by Marie Fablet at the LBBE and Christophe Terzian and Maxime Ratinier. She will work on the ERMIT project, about endogenous retroviruses and immunity.

Janvier 2016

Romain is a new master (M2) student in the group. He will work with Emmanuelle.
Welcome Romain !

Cristina and Patricia Gibert are going to work on the epigenetics of stress response in Drosophila suzukii. The project is funded by the Rovaltain fundation !

December 2015

Clement PhD defense the 4th December, 2pm, Bibliothèque !!!! Be welcome !

November 2015

The lab will welcome the DrosoEU network from November 16th to 18th

October 2015

Rita will join the team from middle October with a Marie Curie grant ! Welcome !

July 2015

Something happened in July, it was amazing....thanks to Clément and co-workers !

June 2015

Welcome to Bianca and Judit, our new post docs !

March 2015

Congrats to Clement, Laurent, Cristina and Matthieu for their GBE paper on the repeatome annotation of Asian tiger mosquito and the development of dnaPipeTE, a De Novo Assembly & Annotation Pipeline for Transposable Elements

Marco arrived in December....Welcome to Marco !

Merry Christmas and Happy new year

December 2014

Marie has a new paper in Viruses
Host Control of Insect Endogenous Retroviruses : Small RNA Silencing and Immune Response
September 2014

We have two new master students. Welcome to Alice Joffard and Gabriel Krasovec !

July 2014

We had great news just before vacations. Our ANR project "ExHyb" was funded !

July 2014

Elias paper on GBE just come out....congratulations ! It is one of the projects that are done in collaboration with Claudia Carareto from Brasil. We described the increase in the expression of the I element in hybrids between D. mojavensis and D. arizonae.

May 2014
Latest paper from Emmanuelle and Annabelle in collaboration with Marc Bailly-Bechet is out ! It is a method to better count the copies of TEs (especially LTR) from your Repeatmasker output files. The paper is published in Mobile DNA : “One code to find them all ” : a perl tool to conveniently parse RepeatMasker output files link
The software can be found here.

Mar. 2014
Barcelona is arriving !
Valeria is back for 6 months !
Welcome to Lain who will stay with us until summer....!
We are speaking Spanish now !

Mar. 2014
Is a phD defense hot time :
Elias’ defense will take place on the 7th of March
Bianca’s defense will take place on the 10th of March.
Good luck to them

Feb. 2014
Congrats to Laurent who just got his method to detect horizontal transfer between genomes published in GBE (link)

Dec. 2013
We wish you happy holidays
see our video

Dec. 2013
Marie’s new paper on piRNA pathway ! soon on line (Gene)

Oct. 2013
Latest paper from Christian Biemont and Cristina Vieira is available in Heredity journal : Could interallelic interactions be a key to the epigenetic aspects of fitness-trait inbreeding depression ? link

Helene Lopez started her PhD in the team. She’s going to work on the impact of hybridization on TE regulation.

Sept. 2013
We are expecting the visit of Sarah Schaak who is staying with us for a month !

Welcome to returning students Sebastien (M1), Therese (M2) and Elias (PhD) !

July 2013
Annabelle’s Nature Genetics paper is online !!! have a look here

June 2013
The lab got two babies this month !! Welcome to Maceo and Milo and congrats to the happy parents.

Valeria is coming from Spain to develop molecular experiment on piRNA in collaboration with Montpellier.

April 2013
Bianca is a PhD student from Rio de Janeiro. She will stay for 6 months. She has this nice Drosophila lines selected for wing shape, and she will be looking for the activity of TEs

March 2013
Emmanuel is coming from Spain and Mexico, is doing is M2 in an Erasmus Mundus Program. He will be working with repetitive sequences from Schistosoma mansoni

Abdou’s new paper in EMBO Reports !
online link