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SiLiX is licensed under the General
Public License


You can download the latest version HERE.


SiLiX is written in ANSI C++ and has been tested on Linux and MacOsX.

Necessary :

* The C++ Boost:program_options package (include files AND shared library) must be installed. This is free and easy to install on every systems with one of the following procedures :

  • Getting the Debian package on Ubuntu/Debian Linux :
    sudo apt-get install libboost-dev
    sudo apt-get install libboost-program-options-dev
  • Building and installing from source on other Linux or MacOSX : download Boost and follow this guideline (replace xx_x by current version number) :
    tar zxvf boost_1_xx_x.tar.gz
    cd boost_1_xx_x/
    ./ —with-libraries=program_options
    sudo ./b2 install
  • Installing Boost on MacOSX with MacPorts

Optional :

* To maximize performance, the C++ Boost:unordered_map class must be installed

* For the unit tests performed during the checking, CppUnit must be installed.

* To enable parallelism, the MPI library must be installed (tested with openMPI).


Compilation and installation are compliant with the GNU standard

tar zxvf silix-1.x.x.tar.gz
cd silix-1.x.x
make check
make install

but additional optional configure options :

- enabling the use of MPI library and switch to the parallel version of SiLiX


- enabling the use of Boost:unordered_map class


- specifying a path where the programs must be installed


- verbose mode (not important). Enabling the output of % identity and % coverage information in the file created with —net option