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HiFiX is developed by :
- Laurent Duret
- Daniel Kahn
- Vincent Miele
- Simon Penel

If you use HiFiX in a published work, please cite the following reference :

Miele,V., Penel, S., Daubin,V., Picard,F., Kahn,D. and Duret,L., High-quality sequence clustering guided by network topology and multiple alignment likelihood, Bioinformatics 2012

HiFiX is also mentionned in :

Dessimoz,C., Gabaldon,T., Roos, D.S., Sonnhammer,E., Herrero,J. and the Quest for Orthologs Consortium (incl. Miele,V.), Toward Community Standards in the Quest for Orthologs, Bioinformatics 2012