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le jeudi 20 juin à 11:00

Thomas Bataillon (universite d’Aarhus, DK)

Salle de formation du PRABI

par Vincent Daubin - 20 juin 2013

Fitness Landscapes & Dynamics of Adaptation : what can we infer from patterns of phenotypic and molecular evolution ?

The distribution of fitness effect of new mutations is central to many questions in evolutionary biology such as :
what type of genetic variation enables sustained evolution, does adaptation to a given environment entails systematically a cost in different environments, what forces maintain phenotypic and molecular variation we observe in extant populations, etc.
Fitness landscapes link the (phenotypic) effect of a new mutation and its fitness consequences. I will present recent work geared at inferring distribution of fitness effects and more broadly the properties of fitness landscapes underlying adaptation. I will consider empirical data bearing both on phenotypic evolution in experimental populations and patterns of molecular variation in natural populations.