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le jeudi 02 avril à 14:00

Frédérique Le Roux (Directrice de recherche IFREMER, Station Biologique de Roscoff)

Salle de conférence du batiment l’Herbier

Vibrio diversity and oyster mortality : the hypothesis of a new polymicrobial disease
Vibrios have been associated with successive mortality outbreaks ofCrassostrea gigas) in France that have resulted in losses up to 100% of production. Given the near monoculture of C. gigas in Europe, there is an urgent need to understand the epidemiology of these outbreaks, particularly the role of Vibrio in the diseases.
The study of the Vibrios distribution on fine phylogenetic and spatial scales has (...)

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le jeudi 30 avril à 12:15

Janez STARE (Professeur invité - Service de Biostatistique HCL)

Faculté de Médecine LYON SUD

Bad luck of cancer - or misinterpreted statistics ?
A recent paper in Science (January 2015) claimed that the majority, 64% to be precise, of cancers is due to bad luck, so non-preventable. The message was spread quickly through media, including serious ones like BBC (and also radio Slovenia, if I may add). And while the paper has been criticized by many, the authors seem to stick to the original message.
In this talk I’ll give my view of the paper and try to defend a counter message that (...)

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le jeudi 30 avril à 11:00

Andrea Betancourt (Institute of Population Genetics, Vienna)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Transposable element evolution in Drosophila

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le jeudi 16 avril à 11:00

Dr Marco Heurich (Parc National de la Baviere).

Salle de formation du PRABI

Lessons from 30 years of natural disturbances in the Bavarian Forest National Park

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