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le jeudi 04 décembre à 12:30

Janez STARE (University Ljubljana Solvenia -Institute of Biostatistics and Medical)

Ecole Centrale de Lyon - Bât W1 - AMPHI 2, RDC

On bias of measures of explained variation in survival anlysis
Papers evaluating measures of explained variation, or similar indices, invariably use independence from censoring as the most important criterion. And they invariably end up suggesting that some measures meet this criterion, and some don’t, leading to a conclusion that the first are better than the second. As a consequence, users are offered measures that cannot be used with time-dependant covariates and effects, not to mention (...)

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le jeudi 11 décembre à 11:00

Emilie Hardouin (Bournemouth university, Poole, UK)

Salle de formation du PRABI

A mouse tale of a World invasion

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