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The Alpine marmot (Marmota marmota) has a particular social structure based on family groups. Each family group is typically composed of a single dominant adult couple, a variable number of subordinate adults of both sexes (individuals of two years or more), juveniles of one year and pups. All members of a family group share the same territory. Only the dominant pair reproduces and subordinate individuals are involved in rearing the youngs (Allainé & Theuriau 2004). The composition of the group will therefore influence the future of its members.

My PhD project has two goals :

1) Find the factors that will affect the dynamic of each social group through the estimation of vital rates (fecundity, survival) in relation with the characteristics of social groups.

2) Find the contribution of the different social groups in the overall population dynamics.


French Ministry of Education and Research grant (2013 - 2016)