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le jeudi 07 novembre à 13:00

Jean-Pierre Fauvel (CHU Lyon)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Prédiction en médecine : exemples d’application des réseaux Bayésiens

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le mercredi 27 novembre à 13:00

CANCELLED — Vincent Calcagno (Institut Sophia Agrobiotech)

salle de conférence batiment Herbier

Insects on the move : why corn borers go down and how groups of parasitoids spread.

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le jeudi 14 novembre à 13:00

Patrick Tschopp (Université de Bâle)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Plasticity and constraint - cell fate specification and patterning in the vertebrate skeleton

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le jeudi 28 novembre à 13:00

Marta Szulkin - Wild Urban Evolution & Ecology Lab (Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw)

Salle FONTANNES, batiment Darwin D

doorstep : urban ecology and evolution
The world’s human population is still growing and the United Nations predict that by 2050, 7 out of 10 people will be living in urban areas. Urban space is thus of intrinsic interest to humans worldwide, biologists included. But virtually all long-term studies of vertebrates investigated in the wild and used as cornerstone in evolutionary ecology research were started in natural environments with little human interference. In contrast, urban space is (...)

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le vendredi 29 novembre à 11:00

Mike Hutchings (SRUC, Edinbourg)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Disease systems : from emergence to emergency

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