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le jeudi 30 septembre à 11:00

Christian Ritz (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Salle de formation du PRABI

Aspects of dose-response modelling

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le jeudi 16 septembre à 11:00

Virginie Orgogozo

Salle de formation du PRABI

"The mutations responsible for phenotypic evolution : from single case
studies to general rules"

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le mardi 21 septembre à 11:00

Lars Chittka

Salle de formation du Prabi

Are bigger brains better ?

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le mardi 07 septembre à 14:00

SEMOVI : Volker GRIMM (UFZ, Leipzig, Deutschland)

Amphitheater CNRS

Mechanistic effect models for ecological risk assessment of chemicals : CREAM and the documentation framework TRACE
Population-level effects of chemicals, for example pesticides, depend not only on exposure and toxicity but also on ecological factors. It is impossible to fully address these factors empirically. Mechanistic effect models, for example ecological models, can solve this problem. They can be used to extrapolate results from single species tests and higher tier tests to the (...)

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