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Evolutionary dynamics of transposable elements in Diptera

Eukaryotic genomes consist largely of repeated sequences, including transposable elements TEs. In many species, the content in TEs appears to be strongly positively correlated with genome size. Processes that govern the accumulation of TEs in their genomes are still poorly understood. The project is to use genomes recently sequenced in insects, and more specifically in the Diptera order to address the question of a phylogenetic point of view. Is it possible to associate TEs’ activity with changes in genome size during their evolution ? Diptera exhibit huge variations in genome size, cover a long phylogenetic distance and have the advantage of being widely sequenced. The aim is to evaluate the evolutionary dynamics of TEs on the phylogeny of Diptera and identify a potential tendency to expansion / contraction of the genome in different branches of the phylogeny.

People involved : A. Haudry, E. Lerat