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[*PhD student.*]
Université Claude Bernard, Lyon, France, and Université de Lausanne, Suisse.
Supervisors : Blandine Doligez (UCBL), Pierre Bize (UNIL) and Alexandre Roulin (UNIL).
Project : Dispersing physiological syndrome and its consequences on life-history strategies : empirical approaches in a fragmented population of migratory passerines.

[*Teaching assistant.*]
Université Claude Bernard, Lyon, France.
Genetics : Supervised lab classes for app. 15 students (18 hours).
Plant anatomy : Supervised lab classes for app. 30 students (12 hours).
Scientific English : Prepared and supervised classes for app. 20 students (20 hours).

[*Field and lab assistant (2 months).*]
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France.
Supervisors : Jean-Louis Chapuis and Benoît Pisanu
Studied ecto- and endoparasites of European red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris). Helped in capture-mark-recapture protocols for native red squirrels and introduced Siberian chipmunk (Tamia sibiricus).

[*Research assistant (5 and 6 months).*]
Université Pierre et Marie Curie and Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France
Supervisors : Julien Gasparini (UPMC), Anne-Caroline Prévot-Julliard (MNHN) and Lisa Jacquin (UPMC).
Projects : Melanin-based coloration as a signal of alternative life-history strategies in feral pigeon Columba livia. Importance of urbanization in the maintenance of genetic diversity in feral pigeon Columba livia.

[*Volunteer caretaker (2 months).*]
Regional LPO Wildlife Centre, Buoux, France.
Supervisor : Katy Morel.
Responsible for basic care of wild birds and mammals hosted in the centre. Helped in animals transport, enclosures and facilities maintenance, as well as reception of the public.

[*Research assistant (5 months).*]
University of Aberdeen, Scotland.
Supervisor : Xavier Lambin.
Project : Modelling for control of invasive alien species with spatially structured populations : The case of the American mink (Mustela vison) in Scotland.

[*Research and field assistant (2 months).*]
University of California, Los Angeles, United-States.
Supervisor : Daniel Blumstein.
Project : Yellow-bellied marmot (Marmota flaviventris) response to alarm calls that include synthetic noise.
Helped with captures and behavioural observations as part of the monitoring of the study population, in the Colorado Rockies (Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Crested Butte, United-States).