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More details on the post-doc position

We are seeking a post-doctoral researcher to be hired at University of Lyon, France (Biometry and Evolutionary Biology Lab) for 3 years, starting in September 2019.

The project will deal with horizontal gene transfer in insects and more specifically with the hypothesis that host-parasitoid interactions constitute a possible and major route for this phenomenon. It builds on a long term and extensive ecological description of associations between parasitoids and their lepidopteran hosts in a natural area of Costa Rica. We will sequence the full genomes of approximately 200 species from this system, to assess if horizontal transfers occur preferentially between insects that are tightly connected through host-parasitoid interactions, or in the case of Lepidoptera, through the hosts plants they feed on.

This analysis will involve heavy bioinformatics and evolutionary biology concepts and methods. The ideal candidate would thus have a marked interest into horizontal gene transfer, and more generally into evolutionary biology at both molecular and phenotypic levels. He or she would be at ease with bioinformatics, modeling, phylogenetic and co-phylogenetic analysis, and be inspired by methodological challenges in these fields.

The project associates the following collaborators : Sylvain Charlat, Julien Varaldi, Vincent Daubin, Vincent Miele, Damien de Vienne (CNRS - University of Lyon), Clement Gilbert (CNRS - Gif sur Yvette), Daniel Janzen (University of Pennsylvania) & Paul Hebert (University of Guelph).

Lyon is a beautiful and lively city, not far from the Alps. The LBBE lab ( offers a very rich and active scientific environment, dealing with many hot issues of evolutionary biology, from molecules to ecosystems, with many approaches, from the bench to big data and pure theory.

Potential candidates are welcome to contact Sylvain Charlat <> .