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Oct 2003-June 2007 : Ph.D. dissertation. FRANCE & SWEDEN

- Thesis title : Mating systems and sexual selection in ungulates – New insights from a territorial species with low sexual size dimorphism : the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus).

- Laboratories : Wildlife Behaviour and Ecology laboratory (CEFS–INRA, France) and Grimsö Wildlife Research Station (SLU, Sweden).

- Supervisors : A. J. Mark Hewison (CEFS–INRA) and Henrik Andrén (Grimsö).

- Jury : Stéphane Aulagnier (Chairman), Marco Festa-Bianchet (Referee), Anna Qvarnström (Referee), Dominique Allainé (Examiner), Etienne Danchin (Examiner).

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PhD thesis