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Transposable elements and hybrids incompatibility

par Cristina Vieira-Heddi - 7 novembre 2012




It has been postulated in the literature that TEs may be some how implicated in hybrid incompatibility, or that they are associated with speciation events. At the intra species level, this was typically shown in the case of the hybrid digenesis in Drosophila, in which several different TEs may be involved. We are addressing this question with two different models. One consists in the analysis of hybrids from D. mojavensis and D. arizonae. These two species diverged less than 1 Mya and it is still possible to produce hybrids in the laboratory. We are analyzing the dynamics of TEs in the hybrids versus the parental lines. The other deals with a lower level of divergence using intra-specific hybrids between distinct natural populations of D. melanogaster or D. simulans. This projet is funded by the ANR ExHyb. New students are welcome to work on the project. Please contact Cristina Vieira.

People involved : C. Vieira, H. Lopez
Collaborators : Vincent Lacroix (LBBE), Claudia Carareto and Elias Carnelossi (Department of Biology ; UNESP—São Paulo State University ; São Paulo, Brazil)