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Wolbachia and mitochondrial introgression

Hybridisation between species, even when rare or partially infertile, constitutes a potential source of introgression, that is, of transfer of genetic material between closely related species. A number of cases of mitochondrial introgression have been reported that indicate a possible role of Wolbachia bacteria in this process : owing to their invasive capacity and genetic linkage with the entire host cytoplasmic compartment, these bacteria can apparently facilitate the flux of mitochondria between species. This project aims at inferring the host nuclear genome histories in the SymbioCode system, using an NGS approach (RADseq), and at comparing this history to that of the mitochondrial genome. This will allow us to evaluate the frequency of mitochondrial introgression and the contribution of Wolbachia to this phenomenon

Collaborators : Marie Cariou (LBBE, current PhD project), Laurent Duret (LBBE) ; Hélène Henri (LBBE).