Program 2019

Contenu, Program 2019
Thursday February 7
10.00-10.40 Flora Jay Inferring Demography? A Deep Learning Approach for Population Genetic Data
10.45-11.00 Vincent Loiseau Ultra-deep sequencing reveals the full spectrum and frequency of structural variations in populations of three large double stranded DNA viruses
11.05-11.35 Coffee break
11.40-11.55 Fanny Hartmann Specialization and gene flow among North American anther-smut fungi
12.00-12.15 Vitor Pavinato Joint Inference of Demography and Selection from Genomic Temporal Data Using Approximate Bayesian Computation
12.20-12.35 Charlotte Her Chronology of selective events during sheep domestication
12.40-13.55 Lunch
13.55-14.10 Marie Morel Revealing convergent evolution in large viral alignments
14.15-14.30 Gilles Didier Computing probability densities of phylogenetic trees without their divergence times
14.35-14.50 Arthur Zwaenepoel Ancient whole genome duplications and the evolution of the duplication and loss rate
14.55-15.10 Elise Parey Synteny-guided gene tree correction accounting for whole-genome duplication
15.15-15.30 Theo Tricou Detecting extinct and unsampled diversity with horizontal gene transfers
15.35-15.50 Benjamin Linard Improving the classification of novel genes into known gene families via the phylo-kmers
15.55-16.25 Coffee break
16.25-16.40 Lea Pradier A systematic analysis of the spread of aminoglycoside resistance across the clade of Eubacteria
16.45-17.00 Samuel Baretto Empirical Evidence of GC-Biased Gene Conversion in Bacteria
17.05-17.20 Audrey Defosset Evolutionary study of multiciliation genes in Vertebrates using a novel comparative genomic approach
17.25-17.40 Jérémy Barbier Alu transposable elements and their interactions with the DNA sequence-encoded nucleosome inhibitory energy barriers
17.45-18.00 Hadi Quesneville Traces of past transposable element presence in Brassicaceae genome dark matter
18.15-20.00 Cocktail
Friday February 8
10.00-10.40 Laura Eme Phylogenomics of novel Asgard archaea shed light on the origin of eukaryotes
10.45-11.00 Romuald Laso-Jadart Linking Allele-Specific Expression and natural selection in wild populations of Oithona similis
11.05-11.35 Coffee break
11.40-11.55 VIKAS SHARMA Hidden diversity of endogenous Geminiviridae across plant genomes and transcriptomes
12.00-12.15 Ana Lokmer Does urbanization affect human gut microbiome? - A case study in Cameroon
12.20-12.35 Lucie Bittner Investigating the (meta)genomic bases of symbiosis within non-model organisms
12.40-13.50 Lunch
13.55-14.10 Julie Marin The genomic view of diversification
14.15-14.30 Petra Langendijk-Genevaux Phylogenomic analysis of archaeal RNA helicases of SF2.
14.35-14.50 Remi Allio Efficient large-scale assembly and annotation of mitogenomes as by-products of sequence capture experiments: an ant case study with 501 UCE libraries
14.55-15.10 Ana Afonso Silva Clarifying the relationship between genetic diversity and speciation rates in mammals
15.15-15.30 Cedric Chauve Ancestral genome organization as a diagnosis tool for phylogenomics
15.35-15.45 Coffee break
15.50-16.05 Diego Hartasanchez Mutational Landscape of Prdm9 under a Red Queen Model
16.10-16.25 Vincent Lanore Detecting convergent substitutions with sparse codon-based differential-selection models
16.30-16.45 Alexandre de Brevern An evolutionary perspective on Chemokine Receptor Family
16.45-17.00 Cécile Courret X-chromosome meiotic drive in Drosophila simulans: Genetic bases of drive suppression
17:30 End of Alphy’2019