I am a Phd student (she/her) at the LBBE since October 2020, and I am supervised by Stéphane Dray (LBBE) and Hervé Fritz (IRL REHABS). My PhD subject is: "Statistical methods and software tools to analyze and infer ecological networks and process multi-species data".


My research focuses on the interaction networks between species within a community. A first axis of my PhD consists in investigating methods to infer interactions between species from camera trap data. To do this, I use statistical models to infer attraction-repulsion networks between species. I use data from the Snapshot Safari South Africa program, which manages camera trap grids in protected areas in South Africa. Some of the results of this axis have been published in the article  "Using the multivariate Hawkes process to study interactions between multiple species from camera trap data".

A second axis of my PhD consists in analyzing interaction networks, especially the link between species traits and their interactions. Therefore, I use multivariate methods applied to a bipartite interaction matrix.

Finally, a third axis of my PhD consists in developing tools to analyze multi-species data collected with camera traps. I developed a R package to clean data from the Snapshot Safari program, as well as a Shiny application to visualize data (still in development).

Teaching ("activité complémentaire d’enseignement")

As a PhD student, I have had the opportunity to take part in some teaching activities in the frame of the complementary teaching activity ("activité complémentaire d’enseignement") between October 2020 and July 2023. This consists in teaching practicals and tutorials for undergraduate students for 64 hours a year. I mainly taught statistics and R programming. In particular, I taught in the following courses (links in French):

Science popularization

I am very enthusiastic about science popularization. Besides, I am deeply convinced of its usefulness both for the general public and for my own research. I regularly take part in scientific outreach actions, such as the "conférences embarquées" (mini-conferences on a boat), the "Fête de la Science"  (national science festival) or the Déclics meetings with high school students.

I have also been a member of the Projet Pangolin society, which raises awareness about ecology and gives means to preserve the environment and biodiversity. I contribute mainly through drawings, but I also write articles for the blog. Here are some blog articles for which I contributed (in French): 


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