One postdoc opportunity at LBBE-Inria in Lyon, France, to start no later than November 1st, 2014

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In the context of a FP7 KBBE European Project, BacHBerry (BACterial Hosts for production of Bioactive phenolics from
bERRY fruits"), we are seeking for one postdoc candidate, for one year renewable for up to two years.

The BacHBerry project is interested in the generation of bacterial platforms for sustainable bio-based production of phenolic compounds found in berry fruits. Phenolics are recognised for their antioxydant health-promoting and functional
properties, and applied across applications as diverse as aromas, colours, nutraceuticals, and medicines. The platform
may involve a single bacterial species, or a community of different bacteria in interaction. Both approaches will be explored.

Ideally, the candidate should have a strong background in at least one of: biochemistry, systems biology of bacterial
communities, metabolic bioengineering; together with an interest and some expertise in the use and development of
mathematical models and algorithmic methods. The person should have a strong taste for inter-disciplinary research, and very good interpersonal skills.

The candidate will work in the BAOBAB-BAMBOO team at the LBBE-Inria in Lyon, France (), in interaction with the partners of BacHBerry, in particular the CSI team at the IDMEC-IST in Lisbon, Portugal ().

Applications should include a motivation letter, a CV, and the address of three references.

The applications should be sent to:
Marie-France Sagot,
putting also in copy the partner in Lisbon:
Susana Vinga,
ideally before August 31, 2014.