International Workshop "Algorithmics, Bioinformatics and Statistics for NGS data analysis" - June 22-23 2015

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In the last years, high-throughput sequencing technologies (NGS:
Next-Generation Sequencing) became a dominant tool in almost all kinds
of genomics studies: gene expression, copy number variation,
methylation, protein-DNA and DNA-DNA interactions, and many others
biological questions. The Workshop, organized by ABS4NGS project,
will bring together scientists working in biology, bioinformatics,
computer science and statistics in order to present and discuss recent
advancements in the analysis of NGS data. A non-exhaustive list of
topics includes genome sequencing and reconstruction, analysis of
transcriptional landscape, models of epigenomics, and other
computational and statistical tools recently proposed by the research


The workshop will cover both methodological issues of NGS data analysis
and biological questions that can be answered through the analysis of
high throughput sequencing datasets. Planned invited speakers include
computational scientists, bioinformaticians, molecular biologists and
clinicians working with NGS data. Workshop topics will include:

- Methodology of read mapping, assembly and automatic strategies for read error correction,
- Variant calling and clinical applications of NGS,
- High Throughput Chromosome Conformation Capture analysis, domain
detection and inferring the three-dimensional structure of the genome,
- Transcriptome assembly, isoform quantification and annotation of abnormal transcripts in cancer datasets,
- Strategies for ChIP-seq data analysis and their application for prediction of epigenetic regulation.