Postdoc in comparative genomics and molecular evolution in grapevine, 18 months, Lyon (France)

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Context: The project is part of an ANR grant (InteGrape) and consists on studying the molecular evolution of two multigenic families (P450 and terpene synthases) implicated in grapevine (Vitis vinifera) secondary metabolism and that show a remarkable expansion in the grapevine genome. The richness of grapevine metabolism and its potential for giving rise to an exceptional diversity of flavor compounds contribute greatly to the aromatic complexity of wine. The goal of the project is to decipher the evolutionary mechanisms that led to the expansion of these families, and its potential link with domestication, performing comparative analysis between grapevine varieties with different aromatic properties, domesticated and wild grapevine and more broadly within different species of the Vitaceae family. This work will extend the integrated approach used with the stilbene synthases family in Parage et al. Plant Physiol. 2012.

Skills required: bioinformatics, genome assembly and annotation, comparative genomics, dN/dS analyses, molecular phylogeny.

Salary: 2500 euros/month, health insurance included.

Host team: « Sex and Evolution », LBBE, CNRS/Université Lyon 1.

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