Postdoc poistion on sex chromosome evolution

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We offer a 24-months postdoc position on sex chromosome evolution in primates. The postdoc research project will be about studying the effect of X-Y and Y-Y gene conversion on the evolution of the primate Y chromosome.

The postdoc will contribute to ongoing methodological developments to identify gene conversion events in phylogenies using a ML framework and to study the molecular evolution of regions undergoing gene conversion using non-homogeneous codon-based models. She/he will apply these methods to an unpublished multispecies sequence dataset. The postdoc will work with Gabriel Marais ( and Laurent Guéguen ( The position will be at the Ecology and Evolutionary biology Department (rated A+ at last AERES evaluation in 2009, see, at the Université Lyon 1. Gross salary is 2,500 euros / month, health insurance provided.

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