Postdoc Positions - Symbionts-host dialog

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INRIA at BBE Lab, University of Lyon 1, France

Two postdoctoral positions (2 years with possible
extensions) are available in the BAMBOO Team led
by Marie-France Sagot in the framework of a new
project funded by the European Research Council
starting from March 2010 or later.

We are seeking highly qualified and motivated
applicants with strong skills in mathematics and
algorithmics and an equally strong interest for
biological problems (modelling, problem solving,
data analysis). The applicant should also enjoy
working in and with a team (the group and its
various long-term international collaborators,
in particular members of the INRIA Associated
Team Simbiosi) and interacting with students and
researchers from different disciplines, including
experimental biologists.

We are interested in a range of topics related
to the symbiotic relationship, and the evolutionary
and functional implications of this relationship
including for species identity. The postdoctoral
fellows will develop formal models and algorithms
to analyse both publicly available and newly
produced data with the aim to understand the
dialog between symbionts and host, notably
genetic and metabolic. The specific project will
be developed together with the candidate.

The group is international with english as common
language. It is located in Lyon, a most beautiful
city located at the kissing point of the Rhône and
Saône rivers. It is reputed in particular for its
food, wine, and culture.

For more information on the group and on the
INRIA/BBE more generally, please refer to the
website: You may also
write to us (see address below).

Please submit a CV, informal but detailed statement
of research and personal interests, and names of at
least three references to:
Unusual CVs are welcome.