22ème Congrès National sur les Eléments Transposables

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We invite interdisciplinary contributions including molecular, genetics and cellular studies, as well as bioinformatics and mathematical modelling approaches, applied to a wide range of model organisms (prokaryotes, plants, yeast, insects, ciliates, vertebrates,...). The programme will include invited talks, selected talks and ample time for poster presentation and discussions. Junior researchers are encouraged to apply for oral presentations.

Invited talks:

-* Josefa Gonzalez (Barcelona, Spain): The role of natural transposable element insertions in stress response
-* Frank Jiggins (Cambridge, UK): The rapid evolution of small RNA pathways and DNA methylation targeting transposons in arthropods
-* George Kassiotis (London, UK): Living with a million-year long infection
-* Lionel Navarro (Paris, France): TBA

Registration will end June 30, 2019.