My Research

Two flagship projects

BIBI-DB BIBI-DB is a taxonomy-hierarchized set of databases and oriented to facilitate the phylogeny of Archaea and Bacteria. Thanks to a web interface it allows the phylogenetic placement of unknown nucleic acid sequences (this may precede identification). RiboDB is a ribosomal protein database of Bacteria and Archaea freely searchable via the Internet. RiboDB construction process is versatile and can be used to construct proteins databases from freshly assembled and annotated genomes.


leBIBI is a web application used worldwide to identify bacteria in hospital laboratories, industrial, environmental.
The leBIBI and RiboDB databases are useful to classify more rigorously the Bacteria and Archaea and may highlight new pathogen species. Their use helps to explain the evolution of the microbial world. RiboDB will allow to improve the quality of diagnosis of infections. 

Ancient Ecosystems and stable isotopes

I am very pleased to cooperate since 2012 in some work Christophe Lecuyer and his team as a physiologist, biologist and physician. This topic is now a real scientific center of interest for me!

The first studies were on ancient climates reconstruction by using the informations recorded in bone and teeth of egyptian mummies but of course we get also informations on human and animal nutrition. 
Climate reconstruction may also be done outside egypt with other types of samples.

We were also proud to show that the hatching temperature of Oviraptosaurs were not so different from that of actual birds... 


Medical microbiology

This are works I have initiated or using datas that have been collected during my previous position as Head of the Microbiology Laboratory CH Lyon-Sud 1979-2013.


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