ALPHY'2017: Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics. February 1 and 2 2017, INSA de Lyon.

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ALPHY is an annual meeting, organized in France since 1995, dedicated to the field of Bioinformatics
and Comparative Genomics (ALPHY = ALignments and PHYlogeny). The main goal of this meeting is to
promote informal exchanges in this highly multidisciplinary field, and to encourage young scientists
to present their work.

The registration to the meeting is free, but mandatory. Please use the link (top left of this page) to register.

If you wish to present your work, submit your abstract in the registration form.
We will provide grants to help covering the travel and lodging expenses of some students and postdocs.
Priority will be given to those who submitted an abstract. If you wish to apply for a travel grant,
do not forget to indicate it in the registration form.

All the details are here: [->]

See you at ALPHY!

The organizing team:
Guillaume Beslon
Carole Knibbe
Céline Brochier
Laurent Duret
Nicolas Galtier