Ecology and Evolution of Populations Group



Spatial and longitudinal data analyses, demography, life history traits, consequences of interspecific hybridization, conservation and management of wild populations, phylogeny, genetic, morphometry

Research topics:

    Our team is interested in processes of differentiation between natural populations and individuals at different temporal and spatial scales. These processes can involve genetic markers, life history traits and/or morphology. We want to identify the impact of environment and ecology in the differentiation patterns. We are particularly interested in estimating the relative importance of selection and developmental constraints in the diversification. We also investigate the hybridization between (sub-)species as a differentiation factor but also as a threat for wild species.
Our favourite models are small rodents, small and meso carnivores and ungulates.
We used various approaches: spatial and/or longitudinal data analyses, demography and life history traits, phylogeny, population genetic and genomics, and morphometrics. We dedicate specific efforts to combine different approaches in order to better understand the evolution of the models of interest.
We develop projects of fundamental research as well as wildlife conservation and management.


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