A position of Full Professor is likely to open up in the LBBE in 2024

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The LBBE is a laboratory affiliated to the University of Lyon 1, the CNRS Ecologie & Environnement and VetAgro Sup, and in partnership with INRIA and the Hospices Civils de Lyon. The LBBE is developing research based on 3 pillars: (i) biometrics, with methodological developments in statistics, computing and mathematics for modelling life; (ii) ecology and evolution, from the molecular and genomic scale to that of populations and communities; (iii) health, by developing precision medicine and evidence-based medicine. The specificity of the laboratory stems from the synergy between methodological questions and developments and issues in ecology, evolution and health, in order to develop a project on the health, dynamics and evolution of living organisms at all scales.

As part of a rich scientific context in the Lyon area, the laboratory benefits from major experimental and computing infrastructures, both its own and shared within the BioEEnViS FR. Lyon's cultural and gastronomic environment, as well as its relative proximity to the mountains and the sea, also provides a very pleasant living environment!


Understanding the dynamics of biodiversity raises questions that require studies carried out at different scales of organization level, time and space. The person recruited will reinforce these themes, which are currently being particularly developed within the 'Evolutionary Ecology' and 'Genetics and Evolution of Interactions' departments of the host laboratory. The person recruited will develop work in one or more fields of ecology and evolution (e.g. population dynamics, genetics and/or genomics; ecology and evolution of interactions and communities; conservation biology; One Health; ecotoxicology; urban ecology). The work may be based on biological models and a variety of approaches (e.g. genomics, experimentation, longitudinal field monitoring, participatory science, modelling).


The person recruited will be involved in the teachings run by the LBBE at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Most of his or her time will be devoted to teaching evolutionary ecology and/or evolutionary biology (masters BEE, Bioinformatics, One Health, etc.), depending on the research profile. The other teaching will be in courses related to methodology in mathematics, statistics and informatics for biologists in undergraduate courses (e.g. UE MathSv), for which there is a strong need. The person recruited as a University Professor is expected to take on teaching responsibilities and, in the mid-term, to be a driving force for the creation of innovative teaching programmes that will be part of the teaching projects coordinated by the host laboratory (SFRI Biodiversité- Bioressources, SFRI Digitbiomed, EUR EID@Lyon).

If you're interested, we strongly invite you to contact us as soon as possible to initiate contactdirection.lbbe@univ-lyon1.fr