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IdHAL : https://cv.archives-ouvertes.fr/jean-thioulouse

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ade4 Book : Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data with ade4:

Evol. Biol. (2021) paper reproducibility page :
Overcoming the Spurious Groups Problem in Between-Group PCA



Research activities

My research activity is centered around innovation in the field of statistical methodology in Biology. During the last years, I have particularly been interested in the methods of multivariate data analysis for the study of bacterial diversity. I have also been working on developments in computer science, which led to software distribution (several R packages), and teaching and consulting activities.

The ade4 package for R :ade4

The adegraphics package for R :adegraphics

The ade4TkGUI package for R :ade4TkGUI



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